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Holmes Sackett Company Profile

Holmes Sackett improves the profitability of farm businesses through the provision of quality information, services and advice for client businesses. The business and services provided will be of the highest quality, independent and at all times ethical.

Holmes Sackett, by virtue of its professional activities, has a comprehensive understanding of the issues and problems faced by producers across south-east Australia and provide objective and practical solutions. In addition, Holmes Sackett benchmarks the performance of more farms on an ongoing basis than other firms in this region. This provides detail and understanding of farm performance that is second to none.


Farm Benchmarking

Farm benchmarking is a process that analyses the productivity of the whole farm business and individual enterprises within the farm. The results and their financial consequences are compared to the results of other farms (ranked into average and top 20%). These standard benchmarks form the basis from which improvements to the business can be identified. Holmes Sackett Farm Benchmarking is a full cost allocation system allowing accurate profitability analysis and true measures of efficiency.

Holmes Sackett farm benchmarking statistics

Benchmarked Farms


Total assets under management                      


Median Farm Size

1,590 ha

Hectares Cropped











Farm Consultancy

Holmes Sackett provides independent farm business management advice to private and corporate clients in south-east Australia. Our consulting client base extends from northern New South Wales to southern South Australia and southern Tasmania. Farm consultancy services provided include farm performance analysis, farm business planning, strategic management reviews and technical production and management advice. 



Holmes Sackett invests heavily in economic research and profitability analysis. The outcomes of the analyses are summarised publications.

  • AgInsights - A 140 page annual summary of the Holmes Sackett farm business benchmarking results. Results are analysed to investigate the factors that lead to improved farm business profitability.

  • Salary Report - is an annual summary of Holmes Sackett’s farm salary benchmark data. This unique source of farm salary data provides insight into the value and structure of farm salary packages to assist employers to attract, retain and reward staff in their businesses
  • FarmStaff - is a report investigating the findings of a survey into farm salaries, incentive schemes, contractors and farm employee motivations.(available in PDF format with current salary data)