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Don Allen, Delegate, New South Wales

Over the years I have found OnFarm to be a very valuable publication with it's in depth and such well researched articles, not beholden to advertisers. It represents very good value for farmers who want to be in front of the pack.

Craig Miller, Killara, New South Wales

I have been a subscriber to “OnFarm” since the inaugural issue in August 1989. The articles in “On-Farm” focus on improving the profitability of livestock production. They are up-to-date, well researched, easy to assimilate, and cover a range of topics from livestock health and marketing to pasture management and fertilizers.

I value the independence of the publication which stresses the importance of getting the fundamentals right; the contributing authors are not swayed by overnight fads. I find the cumulative index of the many hundreds of articles written over the years to be a valuable source for research on particular issues.

Simply said, I regard “OnFarm” as my most trusted source of relevant information.


Nick & Sara Moyle, Penshurst, Victoria

Holmes Sackett Benchmarking has been a great financial tool that has enabled objective self assessment of our business. It has helped give us a picture of our profitability compared to like businesses. We would highly recommend it.

Robbie Tole, Cressy, Tasmania

Since the introduction of benchmarking into our business in 1994 it has dramatically changed the way in which we run our business. No longer are we making rash decisions but well informed calculated decisions based on hard and true figures. We are able to see where our strengths and weaknesses lie in our business and focus on the enterprises that are making the best return per hectare. Consequently this led to a reduction in enterprises to focus on the profit drivers. We were also able to target areas where cost seemed to be high and manage these areas to control and reduce expenditure.

Holmes Sackett Benchmarking has no doubt been one of the best decisions that we have made and unquestionably paid its way. I would highly recommend benchmarking to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level.

Mick Grimshaw, Flinders Island, Tasmania

Holmes Sackett Benchmarking is singularly the best tool on the farm. It gives meaning and drive to the numbers associated with profitability and financial management. It oversees enterprise management combined with every aspect of the physical events that may occur. Combine that with the camaraderie of a likeminded group makes benchmarking the essential tool for all farmers.

With seven years of benchmarking our farm has finally reached positive figures


Nick Pearce, Rabobank Armidale, New South Wales

What I liked about the course is that Holmes Sackett is able to back up their findings with some “real numbers” that are derived from their extensive benchmarking database. In addition the presenter had excellent agronomic and animal production knowledge. I wish more grazing courses were as factual and to the point as this one was.

Derek Ingold, Temora, New South Wales

I found the Holmes Sackett leasing workshop an informative and thought provoking session, reinforming some of my thoughts about leasing and introducing new concepts that I hadn’t previously considered.

I found the discussion areas of quantifying risk with leasing and valuing the economic values of the lease thought provoking. But when it comes to the lease value paid it’s a basic personal economic decision depending on your capital and labour situation at the time. Although lease value is important, there are far greater factors that influence the profitability of the venture besides simply the lease value.

Overall I found it challenged some of my established thoughts on leasing which made it worthwhile.