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Holmes Sackett Farm Consultancy

The role of Holmes Sackett in your farm business

If it is important to you to be achieving sustainable high levels of profitability from your farm business then we start from a common base. We see our role as helping you achieve that important objective.

For a farm business to perform well over time all aspects of its operation must be functioning efficiently. The technical aspects of pasture and crop production, livestock genetics and management, price risk management, financial monitoring and capital allocation decisions all must work together to give the best overall result.

It is not our role to become involved in day to day management, nor to tell you how to run your farm. Nor is it our role to provide you with the motivation to keep the performance going, because unless you have this already, you are unlikely to generate higher than industry average profits in the long term. Our role is to help you stay highly focused on the factors that are critical to success and we do this in the following way:

  • Ensure that the enterprises being run are the most appropriate for the particular farm business and have the potential to provide high levels of profitability into the future.
  • Identify industry best practice benchmarks for the whole farm business and each individual enterprise and ensure that a plan is in place to achieve these benchmarks over time.
  • Ensure that all capital allocation decisions are sensible and are likely to create rather than destroy wealth.
  • Monitor the progress of the plan that is laid down for the farm business to achieve success.

Listen now to find out how Holmes Sackett could help improve your farm business!

Services available for both primary producers and corporate groups include:

  • Business and technical advice
  • Public speaking and presentations
  • Due diligence analysis and reporting
  • Expert witness analysis and reporting


Our work is fully guaranteed. At any stage, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the service being offered, you have the right to refuse payment or request a refund for payment made.

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For more specific information on any of our services, or to discuss your individual needs, please do not hesitate to contact the office and speak with one of our friendly consultants. Or you can start the process now by completing the form available for download below.

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