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Webinar: Labour efficiency in beef businesses – how do you measure it, what is the target and how do you achieve it?

Monday 2 November 2015
07:30 pm EST

Labour costs are one of the top two costs to beef businesses. Top beef producers know this and use the labour efficiency lever to improve the profitability of their businesses. Participants of this webinar will be surprised at just how far the labour efficiency benchmark is being pushed in the beef industry.

In this webinar farm business consultant John Francis will be providing a comprehensive look into the labour efficiency of beef businesses. John will demonstrate the different methods of measuring labour efficiency and their relevance. He will also draw on 17 years of Holmes Sackett’s beef benchmarking data to illustrate how labour efficient the best are, and what strategies they have in place to achieve these levels of labour efficiency.

To take this MLA funded learning opportunity just click here and put the time and date in your diary - we look forward to seeing you on the day at 7:30pm (daylight saving time!).