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Webinar: Pasture economics 101 for beef producers – Is pasture improvement making me or breaking me?

Thursday 29 October 2015
07:30 pm EST

Pasture improvement is a big cost to beef grazing businesses, and producers rarely commence their next round of pasture improvements with 100% confidence their money is being well spent. Moreover, it’s hard to determine the cost of pasture improvement because most of them are not cash costs!

John Francis, farm business consultant at Holmes Sackett, will teach participants of this webinar the true cost of pasture improvement, and help develop an understanding of whether that is where the businesses next buck needs to be spent. John will also touch on the principals of on-farm investment, and demonstrate how lateral thinking and investment appraisal within the business will help beef business owners better reinvest in the business for higher returns.

To take this MLA funded learning opportunity just click here and put the time and date in your diary - we look forward to seeing you on the day at 7:30pm (daylight saving time!).