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AgInsights interprets the data and draws out the key messages

Holmes Sackett's AgInsights is widely recognised as a leading resource for those with an interest in agricultural assets. AgInsights not only reports the outputs of the farm benchmarking data but it also interprets the data to show how the most profitable generate greater returns. 

More than ever before, the emphasis is on interpretations and explanations behind the numbers. 
  • Provides strategies and plans to ensure you and your enterprise continue to develop and prosper into the future.
  • Enables you to assess profitability trends and make more informed decisions about your enterprise
  • Draws upon enterprise comparisons allowing you to better understand where you and your enterprise fit in
  • Provides you with valuable trends in prices and costs over time. 



AgInsights is Holmes Sackett's annual summary of the  farm business benchmarking data.

Analysis is conducted to investigate the factors that lead to improved farm business profitability. Results are reported at a whole farm and enterprise level. Comparative analysis of a range of financial and production key performance indicators is presented.

AgInsights uses benchmarking evidence to deliver clear messages about what the most profitable farm businesses do differently to the rest.

AgInsights Volume 20 costs $380 plus GST.

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