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MLA Business EDGE Workshops

Business EDGE is a comprehensive two-day workshop for owners and managers of grazing enterprises.

Specifically designed to improve financial literacy and business skills, this course has been modified to have specific relevance to southern Australia, while still retaining all the key financial and business principles.

Each participant will receive a full set of background and course notes, a hardcopy of the PowerPoint presentation used for teaching, and a USB drive with a suite of spreadsheet based decision support tools used in the course.

The course is taught on a case study basis to bring more meaning to the underlying principles and with all the concepts taught and discussed well-grounded in a practical example from the case study.

What will you take home from The Business EDGE?

  • Why your income tax return is of limited value in business decision making

  • How to set up and use management accounts

  • How to interpret financial statements and understand what they are saying to you

  • How to allocate capital in a rational manner for a better return on the investment

  • How to manage financial risk

  • Understanding the key profit drivers for the whole business, the herd and the flock

Comprehensive course notes are provided, along with decision support spreadsheet tools to help you apply the material to your business. Follow up is available to all participants. 

Register for the Business EDGE Goulburn workshop here on 16th & 17th May 2018