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Budget Farm Benchmarking

Realising opportunities through effective planning.

Benchmarking the budget enables you to submit your budget through the benchmarking input forms. You will receive your budget back in a benchmark format and incorporate changes to your plans based on predicted outcomes. You are entitled to a maximum of three budget reports allowing you to assess different strategies. At the end of the year you update the form with actual results providing you with a budget to actuals report.


  • Provides a discipline to ensure effective planning for your farm business. More effective planning invariably leads to higher profits.
  • Benchmarks delivered at a time when you have the ability to manipulate the outcome.
  • Lowers the initial benchmarking workload as the information is current and the budgeting process allows you to identify what information will need to be recorded separately. End of year actuals just require an update.
  • Enables improved budgeting skills with budget to actual results at the end of the year facilitating improvements.

What you get:

  • Up to three budget reports allowing you to assess different strategies
  • Farm business management report

The price is $790.00 (+ GST) per participating farm, per annum.

Benchmarking Registration 

(please download this PDF onto your computer to enable electronic registration and emailing) 

Benchmarking Input Form

(please download the input form to your computer to begin your benchmarking input)