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Farm Staff series - Hamilton, Vic

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Farm Staff series

The Farm Staff series provides farm employers with the skills and knowledge to better attract, reward and retain farm staff.  

The next workshop will be held in Hamilton, Victoria.  Delivered by Holmes Sackett, Kim Lee - Succession Manager, Rabo Bank & Neville Brady - Bunch Consulting.

The 2 day workshop will cover:  

  • "Recruit Right" - Recruiting the right staff for your business
  • “Staff Chat” - Farm staff communication, reporting and performance
  • “Staff Pay” - Developing competitive remuneration packages for farm staff
  • "Staffing Blues" - Conflict resolution and arbitration


“Staff want feedback - they want to know what you need them to stop doing and they want to know what you need them to start doing”.  Neville Brady, Bunch Consulting.  

For more information on our Farm Staff Series workshops please contact 

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