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Webinar recordings - More Beef from Pastures

Welcome to Holmes Sackett's More Beef from Pastures webinar recordings!

Right click on the the title of the webinar you wish to view, and select 'open link in a new tab'. The webinar recording will open in a new tab and you will be able to come back to this tab to complete the survey or watch another webinarThe webinars are delivered by John Francis, Director and consultant at Holmes Sackett

Tools for pasture utilisation

Feed utilisation is a key driver of beef herd profitability. John Francis, Director and consultant at Holmes Sackett has teased out how to make pasture growth go further for beef herds.

John presents robust recommendations for improving pasture utilisation in beef production systems, back up with real data from Holmes Sackett’s extensive beef benchmarking service. John also covers strategies to mitigate risk in high pasture utilisation systems through pasture budgeting and the use of soil and pasture monitoring tools.

Better beef businesses

In any given market, region or season some beef producers consistently perform better than their counterparts – why and by how much? 

Using over 20 years of Holmes Sackett’s beef benchmarking data, John illustrates the large differences in profitability between average producers and the best over the long term. He also breaks down what the best performers have been doing in order to stay ahead of the pack. This webinar is packed full of first class information and evidence based recommendations relevant to your beef business. 

Pasture economics 101

Pasture improvement is a big cost to beef grazing businesses, and producers rarely commence their next round of pasture improvements with 100% confidence their money is being well spent. Moreover, it’s hard to determine the cost of pasture improvement because most of them are not cash costs!

John will teach participants the true cost of pasture improvement, and help develop an understanding of whether that is where the businesses should spend their big bucks.  John touches on the principals of on-farm investment and demonstrates how lateral thinking and investment appraisal within the business helps beef business owners better reinvest in the business for higher returns.

Labour efficiency

Labour costs are one of the top two costs to beef businesses. Top beef producers know this and use the labour efficiency lever to improve the profitability of their businesses. Participants of this webinar will be surprised at just how far the labour efficiency benchmark is being pushed in the beef industry.

John Francis provides a comprehensive look into the labour efficiency of beef businesses. John demonstrates the different methods of measuring labour efficiency and their relevance. He draws on over 20 years of Holmes Sackett’s beef benchmarking data to illustrate how labour efficient the best are, and what strategies they have in place to achieve these levels of labour efficiency. 

The remaining More Beef from Pastures webinars will be hosted at the completion of the series on MLA's website. Those who have registered will be informed via email once they are ready to be accessed. Alternatively, contact MLA or Holmes Sackett on 02 6925 1758 to gain access to the remaining webinars.
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